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9 Recognized as Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Day

9 Recognized as Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Day

Anchorage, alaska online ninth day of 2013's ninth month, alaskans will be reminded that no amount of alcohol is safe for unborn children, with women who drink during the nine months of being pregnant risking fetal alcohol spectrum disorders.

Based on the anchorage school district, kids are typically told they have fasd when they enter school at age 6, because the illness affects a child's ability to learn.

Clinical psychiatrist chris fraczek, asd's coordinator for problems and mental health, says fasd jeopardises a child's ability to focus, concentration or memorize new concepts.

Is remembering what you're really taught, and when you have a brain that's affected by alcohol and damaged then then the chance to remember what you've learned is hard, fraczek exclaimed.

Based on the state department of health and social services, alaska has the highest rate of children told they have fetal alcohol spectrum disorders in states that record their fasd rates.Dhss officials say alcohol can even affect a fetus before mom knows she's pregnant, and advise women trying to get pregnant to stop having a drink.

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